Beauty Point Out of School Hours Care Inc.

17 Medusa Street, Mosman, NSW, 2088.

Mobile:  0418 609 993

Fax: 9960 6269


Centre Director: Ellie Smit



Please feel free to discuss with the Centre Director any issues you may have regarding your child.  Sometimes, discussion can make things seem less serious and lead to an eventual resolution.   

If you have any complaints or concerns about the Centre please:

Contact the Centre Director in person or by phone.  (M: 0418 609 993)

All complaints or concerns will be treated in confidentiality.

If the complaint is not handled to the parent’s satisfaction at this level they should discuss the issue with the President either in writing or verbally.


The Centre Director or Management Committee will inform the parent of what has been decided regarding this issue.  Staff will also be informed of any relevant issues that they need to address or be aware of.


If any complaint cannot be resolved internally to the parent’s satisfaction, external options will be offered such as an unbiased third party such as the NSW Ombudsman –  Tel: 9286 1000


Please be assured that any discussion will remain confidential.