Child Protection Policy review

30/05/2012 16:55

Dear Parents and Carers,

Child Protection Policy

Due to major changes in child protection regulations and obligations of OOSH Staff as Mandatory Reporters, we have updated our policy in relation to Child Protection. This draft of the policy is now available for the parents’ review. We welcome your feedback and comments. Our consultation process starts today and will conclude in two weeks time. Please have a look at the document, especially part that outlines our confidentiality obligations. The draft of the policy is displayed on OOSH Sign-In table. You will find there a Feedback Form to leave your comments and/or approval. Thank you very much for your help!

New Permanent Staff

We are still interviewing candidates for the position of Permanent Childcare Assistant. We will keep you posted once we find the best person to work with us in looking after and interacting with your childrenJ


Our winter Vacation Care program is ready, please have a look below. Our early bookings are now open until 28 June, the last day of Term 2. We start our Vacation Care with Pupil Free Day on 29.06 and school resumes on Tuesday 17th June. We are looking forward to seeing you in Vacation Care!


Kind Regards,

Meg Trop

Centre Director