Just few reminders

20/03/2012 09:59


We would like to thank all the parents who came to our OOSH AGM last Thursday. I hope you had a good time! We have elected new OOSH Management Committee, which consists of volunteer parents. We would like to thank Mark Wallis for this participation in OOSH committee last year, and we would like to sincerely thank Michelle Theunissen for her invaluable help in the past three years in our Committee!

Hours of operation

I would like to remind the parents that we open the doors for Before School Care session at 7:30 am. Our Staff arrives to OOSH before that time, however, due to our licence, we are not allowed to have any children on the premises until 7:30am. For the insurance purposes we will need to keep the doors locked until 7:30am. Thank you for your understanding.

Music/basketball/language classes

If your child attends any extra curricular activities while enrolled in OOSH, we need you to fill in “Release and Return Form”. This form enables us to release the child to their lesson. Without this form no child will be released to their classes. Once again, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Vacation Care

Just a quick reminder that our Vacation Care program is released and we are accepting bookings. You can collect our program and enrolment form from sign-in desk in OOSH or download it from our website: www.beautypointoosh.webnode.com

And we wish you great Easter Holidays!

Kind regards,

Meg Trop

OOSH Director