National Quality Framework - Policies for review

22/08/2012 10:36

NQF – National Quality Framework

Our centre is in the last stages of compliance with National Regulations. We are changing our Policies and Procedures, introducing new Policies, training our new and existing Staff and adjusting our program to achieve the highest quality of service that we provide to our families. We have some materials available to you to help you understand the changes we are going through. Please help yourself with an envelope addressed “For Families” from our sign-in table. We are happy to discuss with you any questions regarding the NQF compliance Processes.

OOSH Policies

I would like to draw your attention to some of our new policies in OOSH. To comply with NQF regulations our centre needs to revise some of our existing policies and introduce few new policies. I would like to ask for your help in consultation process to endorse the new policies and changes to existing ones. The copies of the documents and feedback form can be found on sign-in desk in OOSH.  The documents for your feedback are:

  • Dropping off and Picking up
  • Authorization
  • Child Safe Policy
  • Sun Protection
  • Dealing with Medical Conditions
  • Emergency and Evacuation
  • Water Safety

Vacation Care

Have a look at our Spring Vacation Care Program; we have many interesting excursion and fun-filled centre days. Our early bookings are open as of today. Please book early to secure your place. Please note that we can only secure your booking once we receive completed Enrolment Form. Enrolment Form needs to be signed and dated in order to be valid. Also, please provide us with any necessary information such as medical conditions and dietary restrictions; this enables us to provide safe environment for your children. Thank you for your understanding J

Kind Regards,

Meg Trop & Lucie Francis

Centre Directors