Visual Diary

28/02/2012 10:01

Busy Days

Our After School Care sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are booked out almost completely! We have only a few places available, therefore if you require a casual care on any of these days, please book in early!

I would also like to remind the parents that OOSH has: “NO HAT = NO PLAY OUTDOORS” Policy. We do not let the children share the hats to prevent the spread of lice. If your child has no hat, he/she will be asked to stay indoors. Our OOSH green hats are given to children only during Vacation Care excursion days.

Visual Diary

Come and have a look at our Visual Diary on the sign-in desk, the diary is a fantastic way for you to see what we were doing in OOSH each week. You will also find a digital photo frame with the photos taken by children; some of the kids are dedicated photographers documenting the funniest moments of their day in OOSH

Kind Regards,

Meg Trop

Centre Director