02/02/2010 12:08


Dear Parents and Carers!

All the Staff and Management would like to welcome all the children and parents in the new school year!  Special warm welcome to Kindy Parents and children, some of you already know OOSH from our January Vacation Care Program :)

January Vacation Care

In past years, OOSH used to be open for only one week in January, however – thanks to you participation in the survey we decided to open OOSH for the whole January for Vacation Care. I’m very pleased to inform you that our program proved to be very popular!

We extended our invitation to New Kindy parents and many new Kindergarten children joined us in our Vacation Care Program. These little troopers bravely joined us in variety of excursions! We had heaps of fun!

Kindergarten Kids

Especially for the Kindies, during first weeks of this term OOSH is running Kindy Club. Just like last year, for the first four weeks of Term 1 OOSH is dedicating additional Staff member to our ratio to look after our youngest ones. The staff member’s role focuses on Kindy group exclusively and involves duties such as: collection children from their classes, bringing them to OOSH, helping them with afternoon tea, instructing them about OOSH rules (boundaries, toilets, roll call, and so on) and supervising activities in this group. During this time, youngest children are encouraged to strengthen their relationships with classmates and gradually adapt routines for OOSH so they can socialize and develop relationships with all the children in OOSH. In our Kindy Survey last year, parents were very pleased with the Kindy Club arrangements; we hope you will also find it useful.

Additional Activities

Children learn their social skills and develop their friendships through sport and play, therefore we believe it’s important to continue giving them plenty of opportunities to practice their skills also in after school care setting. For this reason, OOSH has joined this year Active After School Care Program (AASC). This is a national initiative program that provides primary school children with access to free, sport and other structured physical activities in the after-school time. The program aims to engage traditionally inactive children in sport and other structured physical activities and through a positive and fun experience, develop a love of sport, teach the children about sportsmanship and fair play. But most importantly –  we will have lots of fun!! This program (AASC) will run twice a week for seven weeks every term. Every term we will choose two activities that children enjoy. In this Term we will have:

·         Tuesdays->  multisport

·         Thursdays -> hip-hop dance

 We will encourage all the OOSH children to participate in the program. In the end of the term we will present the OOSH sportsmanship awards J    We start this week!

Child Care Rebate

If you are registered with Centerlink, you might be eligible for the Child Care Rebate on your fees. If you provide us with your and your chil’s CRN and date of birth, our program will calculate your fees according to your entitlements.

Registration Form

Every family using OOSH is required to fill in Annual Registration Form. By asking families to do so every year, we make sure that information about your child’s dietary needs, medical conditions, your contact details are up-to-date. This form enables us to provide care for your child’s safety and wellbeing.

Kind Regards,

Meg Trop

OOSH Director