Welcome to Term 3

27/07/2009 12:28

Welcome to Term 3! We had wonderful Vacation Care Program during July School Holidays. Children enjoyed variety of excursions such as Power House Museum, rock climbing, Ambulance in North Sydney. We also had exciting in-centre days with reptiles, candle making, puppet show, wheels, and Indian bazaar. We were very lucky with the weather J

During the Vacation Program our centre had a visit from National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC). The Validator was extremely pleased with the safe, healthy and stimulating environment we offer to children in our care. With this visit OOSH completed Step 3- of 5. Now, in Step 4 the Moderator will look at our Self Study Report, Families and Children’s Surveys and Validator’s Report. From these three sources the Moderator will establish our profile in all 8 areas of Quality Assurance. Then, the NCAC will take Step 5 – OOSH will be presented with Accreditation decision and our Profile. This document will be displayed for all the families and Community in the School Hall.

During Term 3 OOSH will continue Active Sport on Wednesdays with Taekwondo as the theme for the whole term. I would like to ask all the parents to supply a white t-shirt for that occasion. On Thursdays, we will still have Hip-Hop. Juniors’ session will be shortened to 20 min on to keep the young ones entertained and engaged.

Following our homework improvement, we would like to introduce workbooks in OOSH. The workbooks are designed to assist children in their homework. Those children who do not have homework from school, or forgot to bring it to OOSH, will spend homework time working on their workbooks. These workbooks will stay in OOSH and will be given to children every time there is a homework time. Please see the sample workbooks we would like to introduce in OOSH. They are located next to the sign-out roll.

I would like to thank Mrs Hayes, Mrs Theunissen and Mrs Harrison for their help with July Vacation Care. These mums helped us with some toys, furniture and dress-ups for the children to enjoy during holidays in OOSH. Thank you, we had heaps of funJ!!!

If you have any items that clutter your storeroom or garage, please consider donating them to OOSH. Anything from pre-loved books, toys, games, bean bags, children’s sofas or bookshelves will be much appreciated.

Just a reminder: from this term, our photo gallery will be updated with photos of children. If you do not allow for the photo of your child to be published on our website, please notify OOSH as soon as possible!