Welcomew to 2012!

01/02/2012 10:09

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to 2012! For those who saw me wandering around the school, yes, I’m back in OOSH! As you can imagine it’s been quite a year for me with my baby Adam, now already one year old! But now I’m back in OOSH three days a week; Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Lucie is here every afternoon as a co-director.


I would like to welcome brand new Kindies in our OOSH, we already have sixteen kindies enrolled in OOSH on permanent basis! For the first four weeks of the Term 1 we have Kindy Club in OOSH, what it means is that we have an additional Staff Member delegated to look after Kindies exclusively to make sure the youngest ones  are familiar with OOSH environment, have their afternoon tea, have all their questions answered and have some help with making new friends in OOSH. After the initial 4 weeks Kindies will merge into our general OOSH routine. We will still be collecting Kindies from their classrooms and taking them to OOSH. Ms Weir and Ms Curvey have the list of children attending to OOSH with permanent bookings.

If you make a casual booking for OOSH, please notify the school that your child needs to attend OOSH on that day.


I would like to ask all the parents to remember notifying OOSH if your child for any reason does not come to OOSH on their regular days or on required casual days. It’s essential for us to make sure that all the children are accounted for by 3:15pm. It helps immensely when we know in advance about your child’s absence. Thank you for your helpJ


Our general program is displayed in the centre on the notice board and on the Hall doors. On top of our regular program we also have extra activities. This Term we have TENNIS on Tuesdays and LITTLE ATHLETICS on Thursdays. We encourage all the children that attend on these days to stay active and participate in these activities. If you would like more information, please contact me (Meg) or Lucie.

Kind Regards,

Meg Trop

Centre Director